SSC CHSL Preparation 2023: Subject-wise Preparation Tips

SSC CHSL Preparation 2022: The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) conducts the Combined Higher Secondary Level (CHSL) exam annually to recruit candidates for the post of LDC, JSA, PA, SA, and DEO in different ministries/departments/offices of the Government of India. The process of selection for the exam is comprised of three stages. The three Tiers include tests that are objective in nature, such as descriptive and a test of skill. Candidates must be able to pass one Tier before they can proceed to the next level.

Practice SSC CHSL Exam Questions Practice SSC CHSL Exam Questions
SSC CHSL English Language Section (Free Practice Questions) SSC CHSL Quantitative Aptitude Questions (Free Practice Questions)
SSC CHSL General Awareness Questions (Free Practice Questions) SSC CHSL General Intelligence Questions (Free Practice Questions)

It is crucial that candidates are prepared for their exam thoroughly to ensure they pass the exam. This article offers SSC CHSL tips suggested by toppers. This article’s SSC CHSL preparation 2022 tips and strategies will be beneficial to candidates and help them over any obstacles they may face. For more information on strategies for preparation, go through the post.

SSC CHSL Preparation 2022

This article will give you full and comprehensive SSC CHSL 2022 exam strategies and tips as well as an exam schedule in preparation for this Tier 1 exam. Candidates who are in the process of preparing for the exam will be able to check for the SSC CHSL exam format for the various levels below:

Tier 1: Objective Test

There are four parts in this exam

  1. Quantitative Aptitude
  2. General Intelligence
  3. English Language
  4. General Awareness/General Knowledge

Tier 2: Descriptive Test

The test for descriptive in Tier 2 is comprised of an Essay and a Letter or an Application, either which can be written either in English as well as Hindi language.

Tier 3: Skill Test / Typing Test

  • Typing Test English Medium 35 words/minute, Hindi Medium 30 words/minute
  • Skills Test (Data Entry Operator) sheet has 2000-2200 strokes. Candidates must enter the data on the computer at a rate of 8,000 keystrokes one hour. According to the previous exam examination, applicants must achieve a score of 150+ (UR-Category) from 200 to be in the secure zone.

Steps to Practice Free SSC CHSL Questions

You can access the infinite SSC CHSL questions on Embibe and increase your level of preparation. Candidates are able to follow the below-mentioned steps to test to answer the SSC CHSL free questions:

  • First Step: Visit Embibe’s official website, i.e., Embibe.
  • Second step: Use your mobile number or email to sign into your account.
  • 3. Choose your goal by selecting ‘ SSC’ in the government exam.
  • Fourth Step Select next and choose SSC CHSL..
  • 5. Step 5: Next, click Nextand choose the language you prefer.
  • 6. Step 6:Once done, click on the links below to practice the endless questions.

SSC CHSL Preparation Tips by Toppers

Here are some general guidelines that have been offered by previous year’s top performers:

  1. SSC CHSL usually has some frequently asked questions each year.
  2. Static General Knowledge can be scored.
  3. The foundational notions of Maths should be clearly etched in the minds of students.
  4. The importance of current affairs is equally to SSC CHSL Exam Study.
  5. Try answering the questions about comprehension of reading will aid.
  6. Synonyms Antonyms, one-word substitution and Idioms/phrases are a few easy topics that are very score.
  7. Grammar is an integral component of English.
  8. The practice is the key to success.

Let’s explore the subject-specific SSC CHSL preparation tips.

SSC CHSL English Language Preparation 2022

MAT Exam Preparation Tips 2022

The SSC CHSL’s English Language section will have questions that are based around Reading Comprehension, Sentence Re-Arrangement Sentence Enhancement, Cloze and Spotting Error Test. For an attempt at the English Section, all you need is good language, outstanding grammar and a thorough knowledge of what is written. To learn these skills, a thesaurus, dictionary and English Newspapers can surely assist you.

Reading Comprehension Preparation

About five questions are anticipated from this section. A few essential guidelines to improve reading comprehension are listed here :

  1. You should try to determine the message or tone in the text.
  2. Focus on the facts, ideas or the principal idea.
  3. Take the time to read the questions asked so that you are able to immediately find the answer you’re trying to find while reading the passage.
  4. Try more passages in order to improve your speed of reading and solving.
  5. Learn about the resultsor Implications/Conclusions of the passage.

Cloze Test Preparation

Five questions are expected to be answered in this section.

  1. There are five blanks in the passage. All you have complete is to fill them in with the ones that are the most suitable.
  2. By removing the most unlikely possibilities, it will certainly help you find the right answer.
  3. Find the meaning behind the phrase and this will guide you to formulate the right sentence.
  4. Read the grammar rules to get an understanding of how to structure the sentence.

Idioms and Phrases Preparation

This section consists of One Word Substitution, Idioms, and Phrases. While this may consist of just four questions however, it could cause you to struggle if you do not attempt it properly. In this section, there is only one option that is to go through all questions from the previous year’s exams and determine the level of difficulty.

Synonyms and Antonyms Preparation

For this part, you will need to develop your language power. About two questions will be addressed in the section. Try to learn more vocabulary from your surroundings. You can remember each word you have heard or learned by writing them down on notepads. Examine the meanings of words and phrases in your notes.

SSC CHSL General Intelligence Preparation

This section covers all questions that are both non-verbal and verbal types. The test will contain questions about:

Students must develop an ongoing reading routine and stay up-to-date in their preparation. It is crucial to be able to comprehend the concepts and take short notes about them, since they’ll be of very useful during the final stage of your preparation.

SSC CHSL Quantitative Aptitude Preparation

Quantitative Aptitude is one of the most difficult and time-consuming portion of the SSC CHSL Tier-1 Exam. Changes in the new exam pattern make it more competitive than previous years. The Quantitative Ability section is the one section that can be scored 50 percent out of 50. Be able to quickly calculate and comprehend cubes, squares and square roots and more. This will help you make time for solving issues.

The questions related to Time and Work & Wages are basic levels However, the nature of questions differ between shifts. You must practice every type of question, however, they must be of a fundamental level. In the area of Profit, Loss, and Discount, the majority of questions were based on formulas. If you are able to recall formulas and simple tricks, you can find the answer quickly and quickly.

SSC CHSL General Awareness Preparation

The questions for General Awareness will be at the 10+2 level. The good thing about GA question is that you’ll either be able to answer the question or not. Everything depends on your understanding. Therefore, you must be able to think clearly and quickly in order to keep the right answers in mind. This will help you avoid from giving incorrect answers.

Answer the questions that you are able to answer correctly during the very first thirty seconds. This test will test the understanding and knowledge of the candidates about all current events around the globe.

SSC CHSL Preparation 2022 Tips and Strategies

Embibe offers sure-shot tips and tips for SSC CHSL Exams to make sure you pass the cut-off.

  1. Create an HTML0 Time Table: Students should make an agenda to ensure that their SSC CHSL Preparation more organised and well-organized. When you know ‘What do I need to do for?’, it’s your turn to think about “How do you prepare?”. Set a timetable that includes both long-term and short-term objectives which will assist you prepare to take part in SSC CHSL.
    Make realistic goals you are able to achieve. Make sure you study at the times of the day that you believe you’re most productive and can concentrate more effectively. Additionally, you should block out more time based on the level of difficulty in the topic.
  2. Focus on Concepts: Candidates should concentrate on concepts rather than relying on routine learning approach. Make sure you understand the concepts during your SSC CHSL Exam preparation. The fundamental concepts will allow you retain all essential concepts over a lengthy time. Furthermore, with a thorough grasp of the concepts you will be able to answer the questions that arise from these concepts.
  3. Self-assessment: Candidates must assess themselves from time-to-time to be able to effectively SSC CHSL Exam preparation. Analyze and evaluate your answer sheet after you have completed any exam. Take a quick look at the questions to which you answered incorrectly or did not know the answer to. Don’t forget to review those topics rapidly. Verify your speed and accuracy when you write samples of papers.
    The sample papers can help you improve your confidence and help you become more comfortable writing tests. They also help you develop your own method for answering the tests. Don’t make assumptions if there’s negative marks in the exam. exam you’re studying for.
  4. Practice Questions from Previous Years: Aspirants should make preparations for previous year’s question papers in order to be aware of the exam pattern subject-wise, difficulty level, assignment of the questions, scoring schemes and so on. Answering previous year’s exam papers can help them build confidence and improve their ability to solve questions.
  5. Exams for MocksMock tests play an essential function in SSC CHSL preparation. However, applicants should take these tests after they have completed the entire syllabus. This helps them refine their approach and help them improve their abilities to manage time. If you are able, take an online mock test It will allow you to gain a thorough understanding of what you will be facing on the exam and how you are organizing your time to answer the test questions.
  6. Be positive and confident: ‘Belief’ is an extremely effective tool. You have to be confident in yourself and your SSC CHSL Preparation. Spend a couple of minutes before heading off to sleep to review what you have gained throughout the day. An exercise routine or meditation could help enhance your concentration.
    Don’t be stressed all through the SSC CHSL Exam preparation time In fact, keep away from people who cause stress. Every time you have to remind yourself that “I Can, I Will” and I am sure you can do it!

SSC CHSL 2022 Exam-taking Strategy

Candidates may review the exam-taking strategies for SSC CHSL in the following:

  1. If you find a particular problem difficult, be sure you don’t take your time in figuring it out. Instead, you should go to the next question , and when time permits, return to this one later.
  2. One of the most crucial aspects is to get rid of the sectional cut-off, as well as the cut-off for the entire area.
  3. If, in the Exam you feel that a specific section to be a little difficult take the minimum number of questions required to get past the sectional cut-off for the section.
  4. The questions could be extremely difficult. We suggest that you study the questions carefully before you answer.
  5. When taking the Exam Avoid using any shortcuts that you aren’t completely certain about.
  6. Do not use random guesswork during the exam.

SSC CHSL 2022 Mock Tests

Alongside the SSC CHSL preparation tips It is crucial for you to study and take mock tests often. To help you prepare to prepare for the exam We offer the free SSC CHSL Mock Tests below:

SSC CHSL 2022 Mock Test SSC CHSL 2022 Mock Test
SSC CHSL Tier 1 Mock Test 1 SSC CHSL Tier 1 Mock Test 4
SSC CHSL Tier 1 Mock Test 2 SSC CHSL Tier 1 Mock Test 5
SSC CHSL Tier 1 Mock Test 3

We have also explained SSC CHSL preparation in this article. With these suggestions regarding how to prepare for SSC CHSL and you are able to get started in your exam preparation! Keep in mind that it is crucial to test yourself on the mock tests offered by SSC CHSL. This will allow you to identify the weaknesses you have and help you get better between tests to pass the next. In addition, you get to develop your test-taking abilities regarding timing management, questions selection and much other things.

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